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jeffrey dahmer
27 October 2008 @ 10:07 pm
i deleted all of my previous entries months ago because people think they can steal my pictures and post them on somewhat obscure sites such as xanga and think i'm not going to stumble upon them. whatever, all i know is i forget how to make my journal look "cool" and no one is going to read this anyways. i like feeling bad for myself sometimes.

i've been sick for 21 days now....i'm not sure if that still qualifies as a "common cold" but that is what i'm being told by qualified doctors with qualified degrees!!! i hope i get pneumonia now for the 3rd time so I can sue someone again and then blow all the money on useless shit.

i have no plans for halloween yet i continue to look forward to it as if i have something to be excited about. i wish i could be apathetic but that is for emo people!

hey see this movie and stop being a bully!!!

Current Mood: fuck
Current Music: anthony green!!!